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You feel electricity virtually every game. When the Pens are in the playoffs no one leaves their seats because they know the Pens will win. No matter if there is a deficit, the Pens will win and not win dirty. I have seen so many games with Mario wearing the C that you knew he could carry a team. Tom Barasso a tad dirty for a goalie stopped a ton of shots.

But it’s like being in a Baptist Church where everyone is screaming Let’s Go Pens. Pittsburgh fans know their sports and on bad calls they let the refs know. The next generation is here with Sid and Evganin and the beat goes on. The younger fans are Even louder than the early 90’s because in the Winter it’s all about the Pens and will they win the cup.

I hope you go to experience an out of body experience in Pittsburgh. They love the Pens and Steelers- Pirates not so much even though PNC has best sight lines in a baseball ball yard. Sports is n Pittsburgh is like all the fans on some drug and it’s contagious. I promise you will be effected at a Pens game. Try and see them play a division opponent. Those games are rough and tough at any time of the year. I think the Pens open up against the Caps in DC. They won’t let them beat them for the next run of a cup.

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Is it true that my ISP is spying on my web browsing? Does DuckDuckGo fix that?

Yes, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is likely spying on your web browsing, and yes, DuckDuckGo can help you significantly cut down on their ability to spy on you. Your ISP is the company that gets you onto the Internet – your home Internet or mobile data provider. If your ISP is s...

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